Sarah Stephen-Smith, Birth and Postnatal Doula

Thula Mama Doula provides high quality birth and postnatal doula support to women planning a positive pregnancy and birth, no matter how, or where, they are birthing. I help women feel supported, reassured, and confident as they journey through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood in their own way. I specialise in providing doula support for women who are vulnerable, or have additional support needs such as women who have experienced previous birth trauma and/or are suffering from postnatal depression.

My Philosophy

I believe that every woman deserves a positive pregnancy and birth, regardless of their age or circumstances, whether they are high or low risk, planning a homebirth or caesarean. I believe that well informed choices, no matter what they are, are the best choices. I believe that pregnancy and birth can be exciting, happy, deeply fulfilling and, even fun. Every family is unique (just as every birth is unique) and providing women with information and non-judgmental support allows them to advocate for their needs and choices. By providing my clients with encouragement and reassurance, they feel confident and supported as they navigate through pregnancy and life as new parents.

My Story

Thula Mama was born one rainy September evening back in 2008. Having a doula made a huge difference to how I experienced birth second time around. I was never alone. My doula’s confidence and belief in my ability to give birth helped me stay calm and confident. I trusted her knowledge and experience. I birthed quickly and my doula’s support made it more manageable. Could I have done it without her? Of course. But it would have been harder.

“How could there be just one right way to give birth when there are billions of women in this world?” – Pam England

Before that…

My interest in birth, however, began long before that. My mother was a community midwife and as a child I secretly pored over her midwifery books in rapt fascination. I remember going with her on home visits and even sleeping above the delivery ward! I remember listening to her talking about her work and her reasons for doing it. No one could grow up and not be influenced by that!

If you live in the Nene Valley and you’d like to find out more about whether I might be the right doula for you, get in touch, check out my birth and postnatal doula services, or pop along to my next Positive Birth group.

Thula Mama Doula is proud to be a member of Doula UK and the Peterborough Doula Network.

Sarah Stephen-Smith

My name is Sarah and I am Thula Mama Doula. I am passionate about helping women feel prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for pregnancy, birth, and the transition to motherhood.